Want to marry Britney Spears? Better ask her dad first

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Britney Spears has been with her boyfriend Sam Asghari for quite
some time.

And, it’s conceivable, that the couple could someday want to
tie the knot.

If that’s the case, however, Asghari had better get the
blessing of the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears.

For real.

That’s because Spears — despite now being 37 — legally
can’t make any of those type of big life decisions on her own.
Instead, they have to be made by her father, in his role as her
according to Us Weekly

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“Since 2008, the singer’s dad, Jamie — now in the midst of
a life-threatening health crisis — has been her conservator and
in control of everything, from how much money the singer, 37, can
spend to where she can live and with whom,” reports Us. “That
also means even if the songstress wanted to settle down with
longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari, she wouldn’t be able to without
her father’s blessing.”

And sources tell Us that dear dad would be hesitant, to say the
least, to give his OK for her daughter getting married again.

“Britney can’t get married unless Jamie approves it,” an
insider explains to Us, “and Jamie is inclined not to, because it
would only [create complicated] legal issues.”

Spears was previously, and infamously, married to Kevin
Federline. The couple had two children — Preston and Jayden —
and the singer would reportedly like to have more kids down the

But that wacky conservatorship could get in the way there too,
because “but she’d have to get her dad on board for that
too,” the source tells Us.

Source: FS – All – Entertainment – News 2
Want to marry Britney Spears? Better ask her dad first