The Trump Hollywood Star Vandal's Sentence Includes A Very Brief Amount Of Jail Time

As a form of destructive protest, some anti-Trump activists have
taken to vandalizing the president’s sidewalk star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame. Two men have already been convicted of trying to
destroy the landmark, and the most recent
Trump Hollywood star vandal’s sentence
was announced on
Wednesday three years’ probation, 20 days of community labor, and
just one day in jail.

In July, Austin Clay turned himself in to Los Angeles police
after smashing Trump’s sidewalk star with a pickaxe, and was
booked on suspicion of felony vandalism
. At the time,
24-year-old Clay plead “not guilty,” calling his crime a “rightful
and just act.” He has since
changed his plea to “no contest,”
according to the Los Angeles
District Attorney’s office.

“I think that
there was urgency
behind my actions,” Clay said in August. “I
feel like Ive been called to do what I did.”

A felony vandalism conviction can come with a jail sentence of
up to three years. Instead, in addition to Clay’s relatively short
incarceration period, he was ordered to attend psychological
counseling and pay a fine of $9,404.46 to the Hollywood Chamber of
Commerce, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Clay’s symbolic attack on the president follows in the footsteps
of another man, 52-year-old James Otis, who
bashed in the star with a sledgehammer
in October, 2016,
following the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape. Otis
was also booked with felony vandalism, but received a
similarly light sentence
three years probation, 20 days of
community service, and a fine.

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Source: FS – All – Entertainment – News 2
The Trump Hollywood Star Vandal's Sentence Includes A Very Brief Amount Of Jail Time