Magic Medicine review – making the case for mushrooms

This engaging documentary explores controversial research into the treatment of depression with magic mushrooms

An intriguing, inconclusive film about an intriguing, inconclusive drug trial. Monty Yates’s documentary shows the work of Dr Robin Carhart-Harris at Imperial College London: after years of bureaucratic wrangling, he got permission to conduct research into the possibility that psilocybin – the psycho-active ingredient of magic mushrooms – could be used to treat depression. Could it be that society’s taboo disapproval is needlessly holding back our understanding of this issue?

We see three long-term sufferers of depression, sensitively interviewed about their lives. They are each shown into a room that has been tricked out like an aromatherapy suite with low lighting and gentle music; they lie down on a couch, and doctors reassuringly hold their hand. They are given a low, introductory dose of shroom-essence at the first session, and at the second the amount is stepped up. The results are startling.

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Source: theguardian
Magic Medicine review – making the case for mushrooms