Chill your outrage. Parents should hire 'Fortnite' tutors.


Maybe it’s time we stopped with the pearl-clutching over video games.

Fortnite was big news on Tuesday, when the Wall Street Journal published a feature looking at parents who hire tutors to help their kids (and themselves) get good. 

The article itself is a fine example of non-biased journalism: There’s no agenda, and the story works to inform and help people understand this growingly frequent practice without casting any judgments. But the response has been something else.

In 2018, folks are still freaked out by video games. The revelation that parents hire video game tutors has prompted a mixture of negative reactions from certain excitable corners of the internet: Shock, incredulity, disgust, derision, even outright horror. What have y’all been doing for the past 40 years while this was turning into one of the most popular pastimes on the planet? Read more…

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Source: mashable
Chill your outrage. Parents should hire 'Fortnite' tutors.