8 Netflix original shows that critics hate but are actually great

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  • TV critics
    don’t always get it right, and they’ve been
    particularly off-base on a few
    Netflix original series
  • Here, author Caroline Frost lists eight
    shows that critics hated but that are actually worth
    your while.

With Netflix’s
library of original content getting ever larger, it makes sense
that people will tend to follow their favorite critics in deciding
what to watch and what to avoid.

However, critics don’t always get it right. Though shows like
“The Crown” and “GLOW” have hit the spot with critics and viewers
alike, plenty of other titles have left the critics cold while
winning over the public.

Here are eight Netflix
original shows that were dead on arrival according to their critic
scores on Rotten
, but that are actually worth your while. And it’s not
just me saying so, judging by their impressive audience scores.

best blockbuster movie of every year since 2000



Audience score: 81%

What critics said: After an absorbing start,
this family drama set in the Florida Keys stumbles to an
increasingly “muddled
denouement, with no one left to like, apparently. 

Reasons to love it: Even within a strong cast
including Sam Shepard, Kyle Chandler, and Sissy Spacek, Ben
Mendelsohn’s charisma sets him apart and makes us root for him
despite his role of official black sheep. The beachside family
home is the stuff of gothic novels, the twists keep coming and,
whenever the story lulls, the seascape along the Keys remains

’13 Reasons Why’


Audience score: 71%

What critics said: While many critics joined in
the general praise for the hit first season, nearly as many panned
the second as a weak diversion from its initial strong premise.
Some called it “unnecessary.”

Reasons to love it: Beneath its glossy
“90210”-like sheen, this goes further than any of its competitors
in exploring the complex emotions of teenage years, with season two
expanding on the show’s initial mystery to give young grief the
respect it deserves.

‘The Good Cop’


Audience score: 84%

What critics said: This latest incarnation of
the eternal cop duo, this time father and son, presents nothing
new, only time-honoured

Reasons to love it: The show brings some
laughs, some mysteries, and a comforting, couch-sinking antidote to
all the dark crime drama presented elsewhere. Plus, the chemistry
between leads Tony Danza and Josh Groban makes for an easy

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8 Netflix original shows that critics hate but are actually great