5 Best Podcasts For Sex Advice, Because These Shows Have Some Seriously Smart Suggestions

Whilst a steamy exchange is intimate and fun, it is made all the
better when you recount it to your friends the next day. Talking
about sex can be such a bonding experience and to hear someone say
yes, that happens to me too can be so comforting. And you dont even
need pals nearby to get your fill of sex chat.
Here are the five best podcasts for sex advice.

In the words of Cameron Diaz in the chic flick classic, In Her
half the fun of sex…
is talking about it. These are words I
firmly believe in. Whether you are looking to be a fly on the wall
to another couples therapy session or just need to know that you
arent alone in having that kink these will have you covered.

Even if you are new to the world of podcasts or havent ventured
into the sex and relationships genre, most people have heard of the
smash-hit My Dad Wrote A Porno. Hosted by James Morton, Alice
Levine, and James Cooper this is the podcast that essentially broke
the internet. With a sold out tour
and over 150 million downloads, if you are dipping your toes into
sex and relationship podcasts for the first time this one will have
you in fits of laughter and is an easy place to start. However, if
you are looking for some tips, advice, and frank discussion then
you should check out the podcasts below. If you blush easily you
have been warned, there are no subjects untouched when it comes to
these podcasts.


1″The Hotbed”

If you are looking for a frank, funny discussion about sex with
intelligent, witty women then The Hotbed has you covered. Hosted by
Cherry Healey, Lisa Williams, and Anniki Sommerville previous
episodes have covered body confidence in
period sex, and the dangerwank. These ladies have also had
some seriously exciting guests on their show like MP Jess Phillips,
Journalist Sali Hughes, and
Rebecca Humphries on having custody of the cat.
If you want
friendly voices with great advice have a listen to The Hotbed.

It is
available here.

2″Probably True”

There are loads of podcasts out there talking about sex and the
LGBT experience. So what makes Probably True so great? Seamlessly combining filthy
with more serious issues which face many LGBT
people, Probably True will have you hooked from episode one. Hosted
by Scott Flashheart and described as unapologetic, unflinching
Probably True will leave you feeling like youre
listening to something a little naughty but also completely

It is available

3. “Savage Lovecast”

Savage Lovecast is straight up addictive listening and will
leave you blushing but super informed. American columnist, Dan
Savage is joined by a number of experts and guests to provide you
with all of the
love and sex advice
you could ever want or need. Venturing into
the topics of squirting, Sub/Dom relationships, and what to do when
you catch your partner having an intimate moment alone, Savage
Lovecast is like having a friend with the best sex stories and most
informed advice.

It is
available here.

4″Laid Bare”

Advertised as for the sex positive and
, Oloni, Shakira Scott, and Shani Jamilah are
sorting out their listeners’ sex problems one podcast at a time. If
you have an issue these girls have covered it. The worst sex ever,
phone sex, and one night stands are all recent
as well as consent and body counts. The thing that
sets Laid Bare apart is these girls seriously know what they are
talking about and listening to them makes you feel like you are
with friends. The incredibly empowered and sex positive trio will
have you feeling like you can take on anything.


5″Project Pleasure”

I don’t know what you remember from high school sex education
but for me it was a lot of putting condoms on bananas, tampons in
water, and vague explanations of how you get pregnant. Project
Pleasure brands itself as
putting the pleasure back into safe sex
and relationship
education. Every week Anouszka Tate and Frankie Wells come together
to talk about the things you probably didn’t learn at school such
as the
orgasm gap, the social stigma surrounding STIs,
and the good
and bad sides of pornography. Each episode contains Good Debriefing
from industry experts, real stories in Switching Positions, and
some serious honesty in Real Talk. If you are looking for down to
earth advice with girls who sound just like your friends (but
seriously informed) Project Pleasure is the podcast for you.

Listen here.

Whether you want to spice up your commute or are in need of some
serious sex advice there is no topic left untouched by these
podcasts. Sexy, funny, and super informative, they will leave you
feeling like an expert and ready to tackle just about anything.

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5 Best Podcasts For Sex Advice, Because These Shows Have Some Seriously Smart Suggestions